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Line Reactors, Harmonic Filters and Other Filters

MATRIX AP - Harmonic Filters

Matrix® AP is the most advanced passive filter on the market today. Most traditional filters work fine at 100% power load, but severely underperform at lower loads. Matrix AP is different, because we know almost no one runs at full load all the time. Its patented Adaptive Passive Technology virtually eliminates harmonic distortion by adapting to varying power loads. It delivers better THID performance, increases energy efficiency, and allows you to meet IEEE-519 requirements. Its unique design generates less heat, and is easy to install and maintain. Plus it is generator compatible. With Matrix AP Harmonic Filters, power quality, energy efficiency and reduced downtime are easy to achieve.



RLW World Reactors

MTE’s RLW World Reactor (RLW) is an international product that supports global IEC and NEC Drive /motor applications and provides a low cost alternative to MTE’s present line of “RL” line/ load reactors. Like our RL Reactors, RLW Reactors keep equipment running longer by absorbing the power line disturbances. They are a state-of-the-art filtering solution for virtually any 4 or 6 pulse rectifier or power conversion unit.




RFI and EMI Filters

MTE Corporation type “RF” filters offer an economical solution to many facility interference problems caused by the high frequency emissions of adjustable speed motor drives and inverters. Type “RF” filters can prevent drives and inverters from interfering with other sensitive electronic loads by reducing both common mode and differential mode noise emissions.





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